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A Walk on the Wild Side
None, West Timor in Indonesia was a head hunting village as late as fifty years ago. We didn't know quite what to expect and were in for a real surprise. (click on title to continue)

Living With Death in Toraja
Sounds like a rather gruesome subject but when you travel to South Central Sulawesi, Indonesia you will find that everything in Tana Toraja revolves around death. Torajans believe everything in the next world continues the same as in the living world. They begin preparing for death at birth. Every aspect of life and death (childbirth, marriage, house construction, appeals to ancestors for good crops, health and luck, etc.) is governed by age-old rituals. (Click on title to continue) Torajans have three Gods and believe that these Gods were created by the Earth, which is a living thing. It has a head (facing north) and a tail (facing south), east is the sunrise and west is the sunset. Therefore, north and east make up the sphere of life and south and west the sphere of death. This belief dictates the direction you pray, sleep, build your house and the direction that you are placed after death.

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